This is about…

it’s not just about you, nor me
it’s all about us
our dream
our faith
our journey
our destiny
you and me
we will reach it
to establish an Islam civilization
this is our engagement with Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla
this is our ‘azzam


welcome us…















Omelet-Tasted-Love (1)

There is something great today. Do you know? This is about my lunch.

This story began in the morning. Like as a usual, I am occupied with some preparation for my work. My note-book (this is book for notes, don’t think this is laptop), my old-requested-book from my teacher titled-Netherland Indie by Furnivall, some paper of my report, my USB-flash-disk, and all everything have put in to my ‘big bag’. I’m ready to make a great work now.

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